Hacked By Cyber Ps
First : Please Read My Meassage To End
Hey Admin of The Website
Im Cyber_Ps
 this Message is not For You !
is For Who I Love Who I Wish I Can Meet Her
Who  I Thinking for her Every Signle Night and Day !

This Is For Elisha cuthbert !
Hi Elisha cuthbert I Wish You Read My Meassage !
And I Just Want To Tell You Please Talk To Me
Talk To Me
I Fall In Love !
I Just Want you To Talk To Me Elisha !

please My Love My Life My Body My Mind Please Talk To Me

Just I Want To Tell One Thing
And I Will Hack Every Signle Site For Canada Just For You !

I Love You :*

You My Heart Now
Thx Admin And Please Share My Meassage
I Love You Elisha
My Social Account is Done Just I Want To Talk With You
And My Last Word I Love you
no im serously
My Love Is True Love Elisha
And In The Last
I Love You :*

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